Pressed Flowers in Beveled Glass
Hand Dyed - Flowers Will not Fade
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Octagon Stained Glass with Texas Bluebonnets, Indain Paintbrush and a Monarch Butterfly

Octagonal Stained Glass 

ressed Texas Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush
and a
Monarch Butterfly

For the last 18 years we have been producing and selling some truly beautiful Real Texas Bluebonnets Pressed in Beveled Glass. Nothing says "Texas!" like a Bluebonnet! Especially one that will last forever.

Need a Handprinted Wildflower Card to go along with your order?  Take a look at our great line of gift/note cards

 If you, or someone you know is going to get married take a look at our page on preserving Your Wedding Flowers Pressed in Beveled Glass by having us press them in Beveled Glass.

 If you are unfortunete enough to have someone close to you pass on, we can also preserve their Funeral Flowers for you.

Our business name is KPE, Inc. Our home and our business are located in Pipe Creek, Texas. They are right in the heart of the Texas Bluebonnet country. Pressed Flowers in Beveled Glass is our business. To make our products truly unique we use a hand-coloring technique to make each flower resistant to sunlight and fading.

Hope you enjoy our site. Comments or questions would be appreciated.

KPE, Inc.

Kim Federici and Peter Florczak

210/269-5095 phone

 E-Mail us at flowersinglass@gmail.coms and let us know what you think